About Me

Hi, my name is Eva. ​​​​​​​​​​

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was 6 years and sat on my father knee in his dark room watching images magically appear, again and again on paper.

I won’t bore you with my past qualifications accomplishments, nationality or other skills. I guess you are not visiting my photography site looking for anything other than the most suitable photographer you can find.

In my own way, I have been a “photographer” since age 6. Some years ago, I realised life was too short, time too limited, life too unpredictable to spend ignoring my passions. I quit my ‘career track’ and decided to follow my heart.

For me, photography is so much more than an expensive camera or technology and the mechanical pressing of a button. To me, Portrait Photography is an almost ethereal attempt to capture the essence of a glance, the emotion of an interaction, the ‘look of love’; all fleeting moments in your life.

I greatly enjoy meeting new people, discovering their stories, sharing a little time in their lives in order try and ‘know’ them just a little, to enable me to capture their intimate moments. In addition to promising you results you will cherish in the years ahead, I hope also to make the time we spend together in my studio a happy and memorable occasion for you.

If these are the same things for which you are searching, I greatly hope you will contact me and find out a little more about me than I care to bore you with here.

The world is more colourful than the eye can see and every picture tells a story
Let me help you tell yours